Today I took a day off to meet up with my Hot Rod friends in Finsterwalde at the 06 HEADBANGING from Hot Heads East club! One of the best old style events in Europe!


Our former employee Alex and his very fast 27 Ford roadster! Click on pic to see his beetle project!

Alex is racing Norbert from Customizers East in his 1940 Ford! Both cars had to fight bad traction!


Very cool swedish LOW BOY!


Thommy Littich from Konfederate Klassiks in Peiss/Germany was second fastest over all! His racer is a 54 Chevy with brand new race engine!

After the race is before the race!!!



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:) bon dimanche ;)
n'hesites pas à me contacter pour un echange de liens :)

Écrit par : kadomi | 03/09/2006

Hey Walter! welcome to the VW blogging community ;-) it was about time lol!

Écrit par : Kobus | 04/09/2006

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