only 45K´s and already tired! ..oh ,and 1300 more to go!

Got there after 13 hours of straight driving! It was huge!

I checked in this cosy little B&B!

We were glad that Paul "Teen Wolf" Medhurst was with and not against us!!!

Back on the track there were a couple...

..other SUPER HEROES on hand with their wild rides!



Slammed Land Rover was my favorite!


Why not buy a T1 instead and save money and anger!


Nice "HANGERS" in the FRID!

Don´t worry, we can fix èm all!

I kinda liked the HOOD TINT!

FEN-RIDE "Dope Love Beaker" from beakersblog.com vs. "Dope Beat Derrick" from HOOD-RIDE! It was tight! Oh yeah!

Matt Keene from Volksworld parked his 15window with the SSVC busses.

This is only a small part of the truth!

Johnny Abbott´s superb 23-window is for sale @ only 40.000 pounds! What a bargain for this super straight Samba! Tow it home before he parts it out! Contact Johnny at JGE !

It was a great show and a great weekend with my english friends! See you there next year!

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