Jörg came by with his infamous truck to press some fittings on Markus oil cooler hoses! Drive by hose pressing! How cool is that!


A little later Georg and Stefan finally arrived to feature the only known mid engine V8 T1 bus!


Can you already hear the "TOP GUN THEME"?

Once again I had to show what I got!

I guess Tom Cruise is jealous now!


I don´t think his F-14 Tomcat could do this! Turn Speakers on and click on pic!

Remember: This cool BUS IS FOR SALE! Could be yours for only 13.500€!

What a bargain for this amount of torq!!
All in all a very stressfull day at "THE BOX"!



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l'Article me passionne et fera dorénavant figure de référence !

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WOW, ça c'est un bon article, que et il vous laisse tout de suite un commentaire

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