Lena sadly decided to get rid of her Figaro!

We took the weekend off and drove it to Vienna /Austria on a very nice autum saturday! Top down all the way! (500km)

The little car made it in 5hours without a single problem!

We gave it to Ernst "Type 3 Hustler" Bernsteiner to sell it for us!

This is only a part of Ernie´s play room! A grown up kids paradise!

On our way to lunch we met this ol´fella!

What do you eat when you are in Vienna? Right: Wiener Schnitzel! They can be huge and sooo good!


Don´t get jealous now!

These were the views from our hotel room in the morning overlooking the "Mondsee"( not to far from Salzburg )on our way back! See the alpes in the background!

Very nice and relaxed weekend after a long season going from show to show!


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