A usual fridays are very busy for me! People have plenty of time and stop by to get parts or pick up their cars!


Frank picked up his 65 Westi. He will be finishing it up himself! We welded a few spots and restored the whole undercarriage!

Check our site for the whole story:





Giovanni checked out his 64 sub hatch Westi we bought and imported for him in California! He seemed to be pretty impressed by the quality of the car. Almost no rust and a fully functional driver. The bus is going to stay with us for a good Bug Box treatment: front beam, disc brakes, IRS ,engine, 12volt and much more...!

Check our site www.bug-box.de and go to"Projekte Laufende" for our current projects!




A couple of IRS kits were also finished and completed to ship on friday, while...




spacers and bump stops for the next series went to the plating company! We also sent a few pieces from our rack and pinion steering conversions off to be cad plated!

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