Do you know the typical story of a rare car stored away for ages then somebody finally finds it and buys it off the first owner! Things like that happen in reality sometimes!!! I bought a few cars off the original owner during my career! What happened today is my personal favourite story!

We towed this 1963 1500S Ghia out of it´s garage where it has been sitting since day one. It has only 88700 kilometres on the speedo and has never been driven in winter! The sister of the original owner sold it through the newspaper! It needs some TLC and a couple of repairs done by a local dealer were not executed very professional but it still is what it is: a lowmile ,very original type 34 with only one owner and all the original documentation! ´







It was very sad when we took the car away from the lil´ol´lady! She said: " This car has always been loved.......................!"



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kann ja wohl nicht sein warum bekommst immer nur du diese g e i l e n kisten. der sieht ja aus wie neu!!!
sonnige gruesse aus spananien bei 25 grad.
was macht mein bus? hannover ist ja bald!

gruesse von helga und bernd

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Don't tell Alex, he wants a razor!!!

Écrit par : James JG54 | 21/03/2007

mietwagen mallorca preisvergleich und mallorca mietwagen

Flughafen Mallorca

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