I try to go to many swap meets as possible to find parts for the project cars in our shop. On saturday morning I was on my way to Ludwigshafen to check out the spring VETERAMA! Last year it was a good show with quite a few bargains! To me this years show changed a lot! First of all prices seem to go up in the air for regualar parts and nothing new shows up! No more treasures and bargains there! Second bad thing is that there is a increasing number of amatures importing cars and parts and selling them without traders licence! I wonder how long the officials and the goverment will keep there eyes shut!


On my way to the show I saw this 911 Turbo on the autobahn! It seemed to burn! Don´t be afraid! It was just a fly on my wind shield!



Peter Fried always has rare parts and cars on display!

Riveted 906 rim sure was expensive! Who needs it? I suppose there are not many 906s out there sitting on their brakes!



I guess for the price of this Heb replica you can get a genuine project car! At least the body work is almost done! Or buy the ROSENSTIEL ROADSTER on Oldbug.com!



The good thing is that the builder of this replica also makes Heb only repair panels if you are desperate for them!



The seller of this Samba bought it in Austria a week ago for around 25 000€! Funny thing is that he offered it a week later for 35000€ and not being a professional car dealer I suppose! This guy is one of the few big time wasters in the scene and doesn´t belong here! Create your own oppinion!



What is wrong with this old Mercedes coupe? I don´t mean the seat covers (for those who looked inside!)!



This nice ex-austrian 2,4litre "S" was soooo cool with the matching golf bag on the rear seat!



TAXI sign on the brush painted early 70´s 2 door Ford Taunus XL.



"LEDIG" is the german word for "SINGLE"! Imagine cruising around town on saturday night with the "SINGLE LIGHT" on! How cool!



On my way back home I had to stop in Nürnberg to get some gas when I discovered this!



I you call this bad, I can tell you it could have been worse.....if it was painted pink!


To top thinks off the air condition in my 2 year old T5 bus was again not working with temperatures of around 30°Celsius in the shadow and 750kilometres to tarvel! This could have been worse also... if there would have been a traffic jam! Have a nice and chilled out sunday! I will!

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nice post

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Thank you for showing my LEDIG Ford Taunus XL 1972, 1,6 liter, 72HP, driven every day

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