Hannover 2007

As every year I promised myself not to take too much crap to the Maikäfertreffen in Hannover but it seems to get more and more instead of less!

The V8 bus was drawing attention all night and day!

This picture was taken by Maik at the DFL Cruise Night! Thanks!



People trying to find out more about the drive train!



The 1st of may!

It was a little bit chilly but very sunny!

Our display with the NOS front panels worked well!





We had not a minute to walk around! The whole day was loaded with work.





Beaker from beakersblog.com and the Prez payed us a visit after Beaker recovered from the evening before!



When the Beak is there the Worst is not far...!

Paul was also with us using the Bug Box trade stand as the collection place for all his treasures! Shades included!



The T3D team headed home by mid afternoon, taking a 63 squareback and 6 NOS front panels home to the UK!



We stayed another night to recover and headed back home the next morning.

I bought this rear fender for my Low Light Ghia on the way back ...



...and fell in love with this og paint 58 coupe!



To get home we have to cross the former East Germany! To me it sometimes kinda looks like CA in the springtime!



I suppose that every farmer in the eastern part of Germany thinks that there will be 100% of vegetable oil powered vehicles on the road in the near future! I wonder how Germany looks from the plane? 90% yellow?

The only thing this leads to is the next desaster! Believe me!



A proof how stupid people can be! The coverment pays the farmers to grown plants for veggie oil! Now almost everybody does it! Where do we get the corn from to make bread? Import it from the US?

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