After working straight for almost 24 month I decided that the time was right to turn off the phone and relax for a couple of days! To me there are some cool places on the planet to go and take a few days off. One is not too far from us: THE COTE DÀZUR!

From Menton to Nice, to St.Tropez and Toulon! What a cool little trip! No cars, just relax with the family and do some scooter and boat riding....!



The Menton beach with no Volkswagens! The Cox dÁzur meeting is in august!





The beautiful medival village of Roquebrune just up the hill between Menton and Monaco! One of the most interessting and hidden places on the cote!



One of the "leading hotels of the world" the Negresco on the promenade dÁnglais in Nice!



The pink easter bunny sure missed out his season! I didn´t know that they turn pink in june and spend the off season in the south of France! Is there one or more?



The promenade dÁnglais in Nice! You can ride your bike an hour straight till you get to the other end at the airport! Amazing colours !



On the way to St. Tropez I checked if this german registered IMP is still there! It is! It hasn´t been moved in 10 years and every time I get there I pay him a visit!





One of the coolest places on the Cote is the village of Port Grimaud! Despite looking a couple hundred years old the entire village was built in the late 1960´s and early 70´s by the suisse architect Spoerry! It sits almost completely on poles like Venice and every house has access from the street and the water!

Check it out!

After a few days there it was time to go back home and prepare for EBI!

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