I´m really looking forward to go to England next week to spend time with my buddies at the JG 54 Greenhearts Cruise on friday and the T3D OPEN DAY on saturday!

But these aren´t the only two reasons to go! Besides bringing some rims back from JGE and MWS I have to deliver a type 3 Ghia to Alex Taylor and pick up my latest toy!

Our new City Cruizer will be a 1989 Nissan Pao! This funky little car has it all! Cool looks, full size ragtop, two piece rear hatch, automatic tranny and AC!






I don´t think that there is one registered in Germany! If you know of another one just drop me a line! walter@bug-box.de

After running through the Bug Box treatment the car will be looking a bit different! I have not chosen a look yet but James sent me his ideas!





BBS three piece rims and lowering springs are already here and there are plenty of rattle cans in the shelf!

I can´t wait....!

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