We currently have around 9 project cars we are working on plus the import ones (8cars are coming from the US within the next 4weeks)! But that´s not all. We are building engines, our own suspension and steering parts and try to develop even more parts! We also ship parts worldwide daily and try to satisfy every customer in the shop, on the phone or by e-mail! Our internet site has seen no update in months but I promise to get on it soon!



This CA import 21 window came in for restoration and some mods last week.


The worst thing is that it had accidents fron and rear which have been repaired very poorely! Otherwise it is a rock solid car that needs a respray, new headliner, new rubbers and a new and modified drivetrain and suspension!


Suspension parts for 3 busses sandblasted and painted with gloss black chassis paint!


The engine department is stuffed! There are 4 type 1 engines (1600-2332ccm) and one 2litre type4 with Porsche fan conversion to built!

More of "what is going on" in the BOX soon to come!

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oider, des is a ah basteldroud!

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