Before you start yelling: This car was the 4th Top Chop beetle ever registered in Germany!

It was my friend Sam´s car (the guy who brought me to what I´m doing today) and we built it in 1988 in our first garage!

The Graphics , yellow fender wells and a couple other "accessories" where added by 2 owners since Sam sold it about 15 years ago!

The car started out as a rustfree 1959 ragtop beetle that an american soldier left in Germany when he had to go back to the US! A friend of ours traded it in for a roof job (we had to craft a rag top section in his mexican beetle)!

The beetle was put on a 1970 IRS floor pan, slant chopped by 2" and painted "Metalflake" pink!

We fabricated the wide fenders and engine lid from fiberglass!

Interior is true 80´s with Honda Prelude seats and cleaned dash!

Besides the ugly graphics and a few details the car still remains what it was 20 years ago!

Engine is a 2.4litre type 4 that made a 13.2 second pass a couple years ago at the Nitro Olympics!

I bought it back today and will convert it to something nice! It really deserves it!

I think this really is a piece of german Volkswagen custom history and a very big piece in Bug Box history as this is one of the 2 first cars I ever layed my hands on!


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Oh boy, this car brings back some memories... Now let's see the ride you had back then!

Écrit par : Ole | 21/01/2008

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