EBI2 ??????????????

This was my second visit to Chimay and my last when it comes to European Bug Ins!

The weather could make or break a event! That is a true thing but a proper organized show will give people enter-rain-ment and fun even if it rains! In the EBI case you only got entertainment on saturday when you were part of the VIP circle!

What an aircooled world that is!? I think it´s not fair to people paying a lot of Euros for the trip and entrance to get locked out of a big part of the show!

What makes some people VIP´s? Somebody who built a beetle in the early 70´s is not a hero to me as he worked with an almost new car and parts! People are putting in so much more time and effort today! We built our first cool cars in the mid/late 80´s without inspiration from the internet (not in existance) or magazines from the US (not available where I lived)!

It´s sad to say that this event, that was supposed to become a big thing in Europe seems to be going down the alley! Not the best organisation in the wrong location! This adds up with the bad weather.....!

Expensive entrance fees, bad food that was not available most of the time, no programm during the rain ....! A long list!

...and many people that take themselves too important!


Only a few shots that were worth it!



Cosmics in!


JP in! Thanks for the hospitality!

Balls out!

Rats out!

Rock out!


Doors out Tom!

Stick out Prez!


Get the VIPs out! Paul Med Wurst!

When it comes to chill out, I´m always a big fan of Beaker San!


Did you know that the VIP´s could use the toiletts for free?!


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I don't ever go to EBI, but after I read this and others comment all over the internet, I do not want to go there ...

Écrit par : Chris. | 09/07/2008

... written words about EBI facts that a lot of people think - Respect! VIPs & special areas where the "VOLK" is excluded at a "VOLKS-wagen" event ... a bit of a contradiction ...

Écrit par : Tom | 10/07/2008

????? As a EBI sponsor, I think you didn't recieve your usual VIP pass :) You must pay the toilets this time! Like every boddy ! Bad luck :)

Écrit par : Stefan | 11/07/2008

You have my full Support for everythimg you write about EBI 2. Wrong Orga at wrong Place.

Écrit par : Moos | 25/07/2008

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