different big and littles


To me, the wheels make or brake a car! This project now comes to life with the only possible wheel and tire combo.


To make this deal happen it took almost 6 month of my life to get the manufacturer to send us a set of his black diamonds! He didn´t even know what the Sand Scorcher was until I told him and I guess he still doesn´t care........!


SMOOTHEE never had grooves according to the famed manufacturer. I also decided to go for the bigger 6.75 instead of the 4.50s to get the right big and little look!

..and yes, we´ve already bought TIRE WHITE!


There is always a big WOW in the tire shop when we come by to to get something mounted on rims!

DSCF0379 (2)

Don´t tell me it doesn´t look the part.



...and how it came to life!


Konrad was busy with the body lift and chassis seal in front of the camera eye.

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yeah it's awesome guys !

Écrit par : Relic | 13/01/2010

way to go!! this is one of the coolest projects I've seen for a while! outstanding work! can't wait to see it assembled!

Écrit par : Marc / luftkraft.ch | 15/01/2010

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