IT´s ours!


Thanks to everybody involved!


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OK, now it's time to start building the yellow-red one... ;-)

Écrit par : Airbird | 30/01/2010

Congratulations on completing the SECOND European replica of the new Sand Scorcher!

Écrit par : Kurt | 31/01/2010

Absolutely great job guys! When do we see it running (the 1:1)?

Écrit par : Kai | 31/01/2010

Kurt, is this the first one?


or what do you mean by SECOND? I think there has been no REAL replica of the Sand Scorcher, the one from Germany and the one from the US were barely replicas. They just share the same color scheme.

Écrit par : Frank | 01/02/2010

No,is not that one or the Amerikan one

Écrit par : Kurt | 03/02/2010

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