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SandScorcher at TamiyaHQ


To say : "We are very proud!" doesn´t describe it!

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I'm emotionally thouched by this picture! I think that the Sand Scorcher is as much "The Tamiya icon" as the "logo" itselve; both in one picture... F A N T A S T I C! It's where it should be. Now every Tamiya fan, all over the world, can gaze at it.

Écrit par : Airbird | 25/06/2010

from Japan my god! You came to Japan??? If so, I missed it!
I also own Baja Bug and drive in Tokyo everyday.
I wanted to see your sand schorcher at the head office of Tamiya and that opportunity should gave me a lot of impression.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing your posts in this blog.

Écrit par : Daiske | 29/06/2010

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