The famous 1950 panel went into very good hands and stays in Germany where it might be on display again very soon!
We are very proud to announce that this cool Heb is coming back to live in EUROPE!

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Just sold? Somehow confusing. The panel was featured in german magazine 'Kaefer revue'. It was said the car was purchased by a german guy in the Netherlands in 2003 as a restoration project and then brought to Westphalia/Germany. The guy and an unnamed shop restored it until 2009 and it was on display at the Volkswagen museum after. The picture above is one of the pics in 'Kaefer revue'. Why didn't 'Kaefer Revue' and/or the owner credit the Bug-Box for being involved in the restoration process? How come they didn't even mention BB? Anyway, like your blog, admire your work, love the cars. Slam it!

Écrit par : K.Netman | 31/07/2010

Sometimes there are reasons to part with things. Could it be a new project or simply that you find out that you don´t have time to use it?
We got offered to put this up for sale and found a very happy buyer for it!
It went to a perfect home.
It makes us proud that we get offered these kind of cars and most of all find the right buyers.

Écrit par : walter | 02/08/2010

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