After splitting the BUG BOX in two pieces because of growing too big for the old premisses we now put it back together!

We were far from being happy with the new shop/show room. The bright future and big expectations we had with it didn´t come true! I guess that´s the way it is when you rent a place instead of owning it!

We were kicked out in the end and have to leave until the end of march!

The very next day after we got kicked out, I found out that the neighbour wanted to sell his property! I checked it out right away, sold the old work shop and house within two days, took a very deep breath and bought the premises you see here!

If you want to visit us from the middle of march, you will have to type DR.-VON-FROMM-STRASSE 1 in 92637 WEIDEN into your SAT NAV!


This will be the entrance to the office, shop and show room! Next to it you see the windows of the new, bigger and nicer work shop!

It comes with a round track :-)! Drag Strip is right in front of the door!


It´s hard to let it go since we worked in this shop for 10 years and built our most famous projects in there! I lived in the house next door for almost my whole live!

You can also see what Max and Walter are loving to do in the little spare time I have!

Yamaha TRI-Z 250 is killer! Dangerous doesn´t describe it! Max rides a BETA Minitrial 50 and loves it more than anything else!

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Brave step, sometimes you have to give up old things to make a step ahead!
Enjoy your new home!

Écrit par : Michel | 12/12/2010

Sorry you had to go through that experience quite unpleasant, but head up, better times will come. Good luck in future!

Écrit par : gamebookers | 17/06/2011

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